Why people love it
  • Lubricant helps to delay orgasms for men and increases staying power
  • Designed for maximum comfort and pleasure for both partners
  • Long lifespan; are viable for 5 years after purchase

Helps him last longer, increases HER pleasure, minimal latex scent, easy to apply, comfortable, and ideal for those who "jump the gun" too quickly. As an added bonus, these bad boys have a long shelf life.

May cause EXCESSIVE numbness and prevent climax.


Durex Performax Intense Ribbed & Dotted with Delay Lubricant Premium Condoms are specially designed to prolong pleasure for you and her. This condom features ribs and dots for her and delay lubricant for him to prolong the pleasure. Each condom is 100% electronically tested for strength, flexibility and reliability, and the easy on shape makes condoms easier to put on and more comfortable to wear.

Performance: These condoms are designed to last a long time--and not just ON your penis! They can sit in your wallet or desk drawer for up to 5 years after purchase, and they can handle just about any activity you throw at them. Durex lives up to its name with these bad boys.

Features: This condom has a special benzocaine lubrication on the INSIDE that's designed to reduce sensitivity and enhance male staying power. For men who have a tendency to orgasm quickly, this is an AMAZING feature. However, users have complained that it reduces sensitivity too much, preventing them from climaxing.

The exterior of the condom also has both ribs and dots to help increase female pleasure. By increasing her sensation and reducing yours, you can make the whole experience better for the two of you!

Price: These are a tad on the pricey side. The box only contains 12 condoms, but will run you a little over $6 + shipping. They're not your everyday condoms, but definitely a good option to have on hand when you're planning an extra special night!

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