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  • A heavyweight pair of thermal underwear for very cold climates
  • Perfect for hunting, skiing, climbing, and cold-weather camping
  • Beautifully insulated and wonderfully warm

Sizing on the product chart inaccurate, product runs small.


Material: These thermal underwear are made from 96% polyester and 4% bi-Spandex polyester, a combination that makes it super soft, just stretchy enough for comfortable movement, and wonderfully warm. The material is durable, heavyweight, and built for hardcore, high intensity outdoor activity.

Warmth: These are the heaviest-weight thermal underwear of the company’s line, and one of the warmest you will find on the market. They’re designed for skiiers, snowboarders, alpine hikers, and people camping in very cold conditions. Your legs will never be cold while wearing these bad boys!

For heavy sweaters, you’ll love the fact that they’re made of moisture-wicking materials that will keep your legs cool while you hike or walk.

Durability: The material is very soft, yet it’s beautifully durable. You can expect many happy years of use from these pants, and they’re fully safe to machine wash. The flatlock seams will reduce irritation and chafing, and they’re strong enough to resist wear and tear all day long.

Price: Paying around $35 for these is totally worth it if you’re going to be in some cold (sub-zero, even) temperatures. They’re the perfect base layer to keep your legs toasty warm no matter how cold it gets.

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