Ducati Diavel Carbon

Best Christmas Gift for Bikers

Why people love it
  • Looks broad and muscular; uber-stylish
  • Impressive power and torque
  • Comes with A LOT of high-tech gadgets

One heck of a gorgeous bike, stylish and powerful, amazing traction, hits peak torque quickly, hands-free and keyless ignition, Bluetooth entertainment system, and LED lighting.

Takes practice to get used to the upgraded brake design.


The Details: This bike blends power, control, and style into one gorgeous package! From the moment he revvs up the 1198cc L-Twin engine, he'll love the deep, throaty roar. The bike packs an impressive 96.2 lb-ft of torque, and a full 162 horsepower engine. The extra-large rear tire makes it look stronger and more muscular. With its unique braking system, durable assembly, and post-modern, almost cyber-punkish, design, it's a gorgeous piece of machinery!

Price: At $23,000, this is a present for someone who literally HAS IT ALL! It's a pricey gift, but one that's guaranteed to make him feel uber-masculine.

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