DSSY Heptagon Fidget Spinner

Best Cheap Fidget Spinner

Why people love it
  • Compact size
  • Lively, colorful pattern
  • Spins easily

It’s probably the noisiest spinner on our list. Several users complain that it rattles and grinds as it spins.


Design: If a rainbow exploded on a piece of plastic, the result would be something similar to this fidget spinner. This is definitely one of the most colorful fidget toys available, so it’s perfect for kids who value appearance as much as function.

Unlike most fidget spinners, it has 7 sides rather than 2 or 3. We couldn’t find exact measurements, but many reviewers say it’s smaller than the other spinners they own.

Materials: This fidget toy is made from PVC, which isn’t ideal if you’re concerned about potential toxins. PVC is a synthetic resin that’s popular with manufacturers because it’s cheap and easy to work with. If you can overlook the fact that frequent exposure to PVC may disrupt your endocrine system, you’ll be happy to know that this popular plastic is generally durable enough to survive frequent use. Just keep it out of your mouth - or your kid’s mouth.

Performance: Many reviewers are surprised this cheap fidget spinner works so well. It spins for several minutes without stopping, and it’s light enough to hold comfortably. Several reviewers gripe that it’s noisy, so you might want to make sure this spinner never makes it to a classroom.

Price: This heptagon costs around $3, which easily makes it the cheapest gadget on our list of the best fidget spinners.

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