Best Valentine's Gift for Guys' Night

Why people love it
  • Perfect for a "guys' night"
  • Give him and his friends a chance to laugh at each other's quirks
  • Hours of fun; can be played with any group of men

Tends to be a bit complex and hard to understand.


Details: This is a game that will have him and his buddies laughing as they see how ridiculous they can get. It's definitely a game to play on a "guys' night" after a few beers.

Basically, each card describes a different personality type, and everyone has to vote on who would be more likely to do things like "trash talk at the Special Olympics" or "shame people for going to bed". With over 250 cards to choose from, you'll run out of time before you run out of cards.

The game tagline says, "There are no winners in this game… only losers." It will be one heck of a fun way to pass an evening away from the poker table.

Price: Paying $16 for a card game like this is definitely worth it. This is the perfect drinking game for him to play with his buddies!

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