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Why people love it
  • Great for all sports, weight training, and yoga
  • An excellent pair of compression pants at a great price
  • Keeps you cool and comfortable while you train, walk, run, or sit

Sheer when squatting or bending, and lacking in the area of groin support.


Style: The compression pants are lightweight (though a tad sheer when you bend or squat), and they make the perfect base layer to wear beneath basketball shorts, board shorts, or skiing/snowboarding gear. Their all-weather use means they'll keep you warm in cold environments and offer good ventilation in the heat. Thanks to their moisture-wicking material, they'll prevent excessive sweating no matter how hard you train.

Though a bit tighter than your average athletic pants (they are "compression pants" after all), they offer versatility and comfort at an amazing price.

Material: The pants are made of 92% polyester with 8% spandex mixed in, so they have good elasticity without excessive compression. They are easy to get into, as they have a good amount of stretch. But once they're on, they'll never slip down or slide around. All in all, one of the most comfortable pairs of compression pants you'll ever wear.

Price: Starting at $15, these are among the most affordable compression pants on the market. They offer great value for the price, excellent comfort, and durability. A great choice overall!

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