Dremel 4000 Rotary Tool With Accessories

Best Gift for a Dad Who Likes Building Stuff

Why people love it
  • Versatile tool works on hard or soft surfaces
  • Different speed settings enhance accuracy
  • Compact but powerful

Cutting...carving...cleaning...the Dremel 4000 does it all. Produces speeds as high as 35,000 RPM.

The corded power supply makes some projects difficult.


Why he needs it: The Dremel 4000 is one of the best models available from this popular company, and it’s on the wish list of many dads. It includes 50 accessories, so dad can start building custom-made creations or engraving different materials right away. An EZ Twist nose-cap wrench makes it a cinch to swap out accessories.

Price: You’ll spend around $150 on this Dremel 4000 power tool, which is a great price for a dependable product like this one.

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