Dreamfarm Scizza Pizza Scissors

Best Kitchen Gadget for Pizza Nights

Why people love it
  • Makes a great gift
  • One of the most useful of the "cool" kitchen gadgets
  • Once you try it, you'll never go back to a slicing wheel 

While these sheers make pizza cutting easy - that's hardly where their usefulness ends. They're also great for pastry cutting (or even fabric). That's because of the lovely lifter on the bottom blade.


Some of the older models were made from substandard materials. Even now you may want to avoid putting these in the dishwasher. 


Even if you don't have any other kitchen scissors (though we think that you should), you really want to get your hands on one of these.  

What’s it used for? These pizza scissors are one of the most fun kitchen gadgets you're going to find. They don't just cut your pizza, they also help to lift it so you can serve it quickly and easily.  Cool, right?

Is it easy to use? Super easy. Really, you just need to be able to use a pair of scissors to make these happen. The Scizza's unique spatula tip slides easily under food (or anything else) and the extra-long 4-inch blades cleanly and completely slice through food. Brilliant.

Dishwasher-safe? You can put these scissors in the top rack of your dishwasher, but hand washing in warm, soapy water is recommended. 

Will it break the bank? For scissors, these aren't exactly inexpensive. So, you'll want to care for them. That's where the whole hand washing thing comes into play. 

What Reviewers Say: 

For such a small gadget, people love to write reve reviews about it.

  • So you know those crappy "as seen on TV" commercials, where the problem for which the product was created is shown in a very ridiculous, absurd and unrealistic way? (For instance, you would see a person trying to, say, open an umbrella, and the umbrella would break and pop and everything would be all over the place). Not kidding, this is how I was until this product. I had what is considered "one of the best' pizza wheels, and it would drive me INSANE.
    We make homemade pizza in my house, and we do it with the thinnest crust, and cutting that thing is like the workout before the food. It was frustrating. I tried using the sharpest, best knifes instead, tried applying pressure, and eventually, it worked - but the pizza would always have some tearing, and the time it takes would be longer than the actual cooking time. So I went online, looking to find the absolute best pizza cutter. Then I saw these pizza scissors. I saw the good reviews and thought to myself- Why not? I absolutely didn't think it would be that easy, but hey - it's gotta be easier than that annoying wheel, right? I got this yesterday, and couldn't wait to make a homemade pizza again and try it. Of course, I did, and it's simply amazing. It cuts through the pizza as if it was the thinnest paper. Absolutely amazing. I do believe this must be the best product out there for cutting pizza. If you're looking to actually cut pizza and do it as efficiently and quickly as possible - this is the product for you.
  • We make pizza at home all the time but would argue about who had to cut the pizza. We have tried several different wheels and the large rocking blade too. The crusts were always difficult to slice and the cheese and toppings stuck to the wheel and slid out of place. Enter my Scizza - now I always want to cut the pizza! I was skeptical at first because I just didn't think it could be so easy to use but it really is. No more scratched pans either. Get these and get rid of all those wheels.
  • I love this scizza. It keeps my pizza pan from getting the scratches that a reg scissors makes.

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