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Why people love it
  • 8-layer support system makes for a very comfortable mattress
  • Reinforced edges, consistent firmness, and elite craftsmanship
  • Cashmere fabric cover feels AMAZINGLY soft

Not as soft as other mattresses and currently only available in one size.


Temperature: For hot sleepers, this is a dream come true. The top layers of gel-infused memory foam, quilted memory foam, and natural latex will provide good breathability to help you stay cool at night. The foam core also encourages better air flow, and the fact that you don't sink into the mattress means there's not stifling "body hug" either.

Smell: As expected with memory foam and latex mattresses, be ready for a bit of off-gassing smell when you open the package. The smell should dissipate within 12-36 hours, though, and will be hardly noticeable afterward, especially if you use a mattress cover or protector.

Support: This hybrid mattress is made with a top layer of gel memory foam, a layer of quilted memory foam, a layer of natural latex, and a layer of standard memory foam, all atop a "support core" of high-density memory foam surrounding zoned, pocketed, foam-encased coils. There's just the right mix of luxurious comfort and solid support for side, stomach, and back-sleepers.

Longevity: The build quality of this mattress is as good as you could ask for from a luxury product, and you'll find it's built to last for easily 10-15 years of hardcore use. It comes with a lifetime warranty, 365-Night trial, and 5-year reconditioning.

Price: $1,400 is a bit more than you may want to pay for a mattress, but it will all be worth it once you feel how amazingly comfortable and supportive this luxury bed is.

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