Dr. Scholl's Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa

Best Christmas Gift for the Wife that Spends All Day on Her Feet

Why people love it
  • Refreshing and relaxing
  • The price is right!
  • Great after a long day on your feet

This foot bath makes it easy to revive tired feet; it massages through bubbles and the roller in the center. As long as you add warm water to the bath, there is a heating system that maintains the heat.

It’s a bit loud and shallow, so you will need to work with it to protect your floors (and sanity).


Features: Whether your wife works as a nurse, server, flight attendant, in retail, or anywhere else that requires standing or walking the whole day, this is a fantastic gift. No really, a lovely soak at the end of a long work shift will change her mood completely.

We like that this works to maintain the water temperature and that benefit of the roller to relieve stress. Just a note though, the bath is shallow, so you may want to place a tray underneath. And, it’s not terribly big. We’re not saying your wife has big feet, but if they’re size 10 or more (which is rare) then be careful.

Of course, we’d like to point out that some of the best gifts for the wife that spends all day on her feet aren’t easy to purchase on Amazon. That’s right; you’ll need to get in your car to pick up gift cards for massages, pedicures, or spa days. All of them will make her smile; it just depends on your budget. (Or, you could try Groupon.)

Price: The price is brilliant for what you get and should leave you with a little extra budget for lotions and scrubs (most women just can’t get enough of these). And, it’s just generally a thoughtful gift.

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