Why people love it
  • Best infrared space heater for small spaces
  • Heats up spaces quickly
  • Portable

While reviews are mostly positive, there have been some issues with the thermostat not always being accurate, the heat not coming out forcefully enough, the controls being difficult to use, as well as noise complaints.


Output: This is where this space heater shines. If you need fast and effective heating of a small space, this portable heater will do the trick.

Efficiency: No one’s really said much in terms of energy efficiency. However, considering how small this heater is, we can’t imagine it’ll crank up your electric bill too high.

Safety: This is a great pick in terms of safety. It comes with tip-over as well as overheating protection.

Noise: This is one of the noisier space heaters on the list. If you don’t mind the sound of fans though, this might not bother you.

Price: This is well-priced for what you get (i.e. heat and peace of mind).

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