Dr. Brown's Gia Nursing Pillow

Best No-Fuss Nursing Pillow

Why people love it
  • Positions baby at a latch-friendly incline
  • Machine washable
  • An incredibly versatile nursing pillow 

The Gia Nursing Pillow was designed by a certified lactation consultant with mom’s comfort and baby’s digestion in mind. The covers and pillow itself are both machine washable, with bunch-free polyester stuffing that won't contort in the wash.

While you don’t need the cover to use the pillow, they are sold separately instead of as a set. Additionally, the pillow is being imported to the US, so shipping can take quite awhile. 


Fit: Shaped like a cashew, this pillow fits mommies of all sizes. The Gia Nursing Pillow can be positioned at any angle to fit any nursing position. How versatile and convenient is that?

Support: The Gia nursing pillow is firm, with a little give that is nice and cozy for you and your little one. And mommies agree that the filling in the Gia doesn’t bunch up into lumps or go flat in the wash like other nursing pillows.

Price: This nursing pillow is very budget friendly! It’s neck and neck for the lowest priced option on our list, yet a high quality product that will be well worth the investment.

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