Dr. Brandt Skincare pores no more pore refiner primer

Best Pore Minimizing Primer

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Why people love it
  • Leaves skin looking perfectly matte
  • Fills in surface pores and fine lines flawlessly
  • Absorbes excess oil 

An effective primer that instantly mattifies shine and minimizes the look of pores.

Because this primer absorbs oil, it's not ideal for those with dry skin. It also comes with an expensive price tag. 


Who's it for? This makeup primer is ideal for anyone with normal, oily, or combination skin looking to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines. 

What it does: This Dr. Brandt makeup primer is made to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines - and it really does work! Tiny microspheres, which are mineral powders, fill in large pores to immediately minimize their annoying appearance. This primer is also made with tea tree oil and flaxseed extract which absorb any excess oil on your skin. So your skin is left looking smooth, matte, and ready for foundation.

The texture of this makeup primer is smooth and velvetty, which makes it easy to spread around. After applied, this product leaves a matte, shine-free finish. So, if you prefer a dewey finish you might not like the way this product looks. 

Price: This makeup primer is a bit on the high-end at $45 for the standard 1 ounce bottle. But, depending on how much you use, it will last you 6 months to a year. Not to mention, Dr. Brandt is a brand we love, and one you can trust. If you prefer to try this primer out beforehand, you can get the 0.5 ounce travel-size for $22. 

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