Dovo Silver Shavette

Best Shavette Straight Razor

Why people love it
  • Perfect balance
  • No need to strop or hone
  • Light, more connected feel

You will need to buy the blades and change them regularly. Shavettes can be less forgiving for beginners.


Blade Design: The Dovo Silver Shavette has a plastic housing that fits single and double-edged blades snapped in half. It also has a plastic lip on the corner of the blade, so it’s a little harder to cut the skin than other shavette razors without this feature.

Handle Design: This shavette has a bare-bones, basic handle that is a featherweight in the hand. You can feel the vibrations of any stubble go down the handle with each shave, so you know you will be getting a close shave each and every time. If you like a weightier handle this may not be the razor for you.

Price: This is the cheapest option on our list for start-up cost. Although this option is still so much cheaper than disposable razors, don’t forget that the long-term cost of replacement blades should still be factored in as well.

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