Dovo Best Quality Straight Razor

Best Straight Razor For Beginners

Why people love it
  • Best width for newbies
  • Lightweight maneuvering
  • Perfect starter blade

Men who are more experienced with straight razors aren’t the biggest fans of the plastic scales, so something a little heavier may be a better fit if you are comfortable using a straight razor.


Blade Design: The blade is made from quality Swedish steel with a rounded tip to reduce the chances of nicking yourself. This Dovo blade is ⅝ of an inch wide, the best width for newbies and wet shave veterans alike. The full hollow on this is a little easier to break the skin, but once you get the hang of it a full-hollow blade will give you the closest shave.

Handle Design: Nothing fancy, but these black plastic scales still have the sleek look and feel you want in a straight razor. They are more delicate than other options, but perfectly fine for a beginner.

Price: Dovo razors are top of the line, so you really cannot beat this price tag. Definitely give this blade a try if you are still uncertain about diving into wet shaving the old fashioned way.

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