Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash

Best Sensitive Body Wash for Women

Why people love it
  • Lovely smell 
  • Moisturizes while cleaning 
  • Awesome value 



Fragrance-free doesn’t necessarily mean it’s free of fragrances and Dove does perform animal testing.


Dermatologists recommend this time and time again to patients with sensitive skins and conditions such as eczema. Why? It really does a stunning job. It really does – plus it’s a few cents cheaper per ounce than Aveeno, which is the one thing that edged this Dove soap over the best-known brand for sensitive skin.

We love that it does a fair job of moisturizing, which you may not always expect in a sensitive-skin-friendly body wash. Then again, it’s a really thick and creamy concoction that works into a generous lather. And, although it doesn’t have a strong scent, you’ll get a whiff of a milky aroma. If only Dove didn’t have to test on animals.

Organic or natural: No

Parabens: No

Sulfates: No

Added fragrance: No

Cruelty-free: Sadly, no – but that has more to do with the ability to sell in China than a desire to test on animals.

Good for sensitive skins: Yes

Exfoliating: No

Texture: Thick and creamy

Scent: Delicate milky scent

Package size: 22 fl. oz.

Pricing: The MSRP is $10 for 22 ounces, but you’re likely to pay less than $8 which makes this a really affordable body wash for women at a little more than 35 cents per ounce.

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