Why people love it
  • Gentle formula is perfect for those with sensitive skin
  • Delightfully manly, subtle scent
  • Washes off easily in the shower to protect sensitive skin

Leaves chalky white residue on your underarm hair


Performance: If you have underarm skin prone to rashes and irritation, you'll want to give this Dove deodorizing antiperspirant a try. The product is formulated specifically to be non-irritating, so you should be able to use it without worrying about skin problems.

For those with long underarm hair, be warned: it will leave a crumbly, chalky residue on your hairs. That being said, the residue will not transfer to your clothing, so you won't have to worry about stains. It also washes off easily in the shower.

The product is highly effective, driving off body odors for easily over 24 hours. It falls a bit short in the antiperspirant effects, but it will reduce sweat while offering excellent odor protection. Best of all, it won't leave your armpits feeling sweaty or wet even after intense perspiration, which also prodects tender skin.

Smell: This brand has a pleasant manly scent, one that is subtle and musky without being overpowering. The smell grows a bit stronger when applied to sweaty armpits, but it will not clash with your cologne or body spray. A great choice for those who use subtler scents.

Price: At $5.84, this is a mid-priced product. It's a bit pricier than the top-ranked products on this list, but it's still a worthy purchase for those who want to avoid irritation, rashes, and skin problems.

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