Why people love it
  • Softens, smooths, and moisturizes even the driest skin
  • Rich formula and luxurious feeling, but not too greasy
  • Fast-acting cream, perfect for your entire body

The scent of this lotion is VERY strong and it leaves your skin sticky.


Ingredients: This cream is made with shea butter and shea oil, both of which are rich in Vitamin E. The combination of these ingredients leaves your skin smooth, soft, and hydrated. It's one of the best lotions to use for intensive repair and moisturizing, especially for very dry skin.

Scent: This lotion has the beautiful, creamy, slightly sweet smell of shea butter/oil, giving it a pleasant scent. However, some users have complained that the smell can be strong and overpowering.

Effects/Use: The cream is designed for application on all but the most sensitive skin, and its fast-acting, quick-absorbing formula makes it ideal even for those with greasy skin. It won't leave you feeling greasy, but there is a sticky residue on your hands that can be annoying.

Price:  At less than $6 for 13.5 ounces of lotion, this is one of the best-priced creams on our list. It's beautifully effective at repairing and restoring dry, cracked, and aging skin!

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