Double Scoop Push Up Bra Pads

Best Bra Insert Overall

Why people love it
  • Amazing for formal wear (especially wedding dresses)
  • Stay in place all day long
  • Great at lifting, creates amazing cleavage

If your boobs are C-sized or larger, you aren’t going to find these offer much (if any) lift or support. There are also those that prefer silicone-style chicken fillets.


One of the things we appreciate most about these particular bra inserts is that they’re available in a range of colors; who wants white inserts under a black bra when you’re dancing all night long? And, on that note, you can expect these to stay put while you do that dancing. True story; they work really well with all sorts of undergarments, but do particularly well with formal wear – like wedding and prom dresses.

The oblong shape of these bra inserts allows you to place them underneath or to the sides for lift and cleavage and they are both lightweight and comfortable. Because they’re made with foam rather than silicone, these bra pads aren’t likely to make you sweat terribly – which is always a plus. You get a free pack of 20 double stick fashion tapes to keep these in place, but many women don’t find them necessary. Still, they’re there if you need them.

Now, we do need to mention that women who can already fill a cup size comfortably aren’t going to experience the same level of success as those with B-and-a-half or less. Sorry. (The company does make support and lift products for women with larger breasts though.)

Material: A foam insert with a satiny type fabric covering.

Color: Black, peach, leopard print, white, brown, and hot pink.

Sizing: 2 different sizes are available – an A/B cup and a C cup, though users seem to have a better experience with the A/B cup size. Each pad is 4"H x 5"L they’re 1.5" thick at the maximum point.

Shape: ¾ coverage; oblong with corners.

Safe for water wear: It’s possible, but maybe it’s not the best for a full day of swimming.

Number of pairs: 1 per pack

Cost: You’ll pay about $20 for the pair. It’s not the cheapest pair out there, but there are those that cost a whole lot more.

Bottom line: These are great value for money and many users are repeat customers (buying different colors or just ensuring they’re never without). You can expect fantastic cleavage and a natural appearance with these bra inserts. Better still, they work across all sorts of bras and garments. As long as you’re not larger than a C cup, this is a real score.

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