This one should be obvious, but sometimes clingy, as in obsessive, controlling, borderline-scary attachment issue, behavior doesn't show it's ugly face until a few weeks or months down the road. Keep your eyes open; there are a few red flags that may be signs of clingy behavior brewing in the background...


No one likes to be smothered, and some people have a hard time knowing the difference between showing affection and becoming totally clingy. It's best to be on the same terms when it comes to how often you'll see each other, text, or otherwise communicate.

You don't have to draw rules into stone, but your actions can portray some basic guidelines of how much attention you need in a relationship. In general, keep your eyes open for behavior that shows she has to get her way, prioritizes her needs over yours, or doesn't give you space when asked for. If you're dating a girl who doesn't respect your boundaries, or becomes passive-aggressive when she doesn't hear from you right away, it may be time to cut the cord.

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