You know this type of girl - She has so many layers of makeup on you're not even sure what she looks like. To each their own for personal style, but someone obsessed with using makeup to look perfect all the time, likely has some issues she's 'covering' up. 


Dating a girl who takes 2.5 hours to get ready for anything - dinner, brunch, a walk in the park, the gym - wastes not only her time, but also yours. Sure you want a girl who cares about her looks but going overboard with makeup isn't making up for the time and energy she puts into herself, rather than you or your relationship. These types of girls who have a need to look perfect 24/7 can't possibly put their full attention to anything but their multiple layers of concealer and perfect shade of lipstick. You may like a girl who looks mindblowingly great all the time, but that one aspect will get old fast. If you've never seen her in her natural form, we're talking even the times she wakes up or straight out of the shower - there's likely a problem brewing. 

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