Never heard of the vineyards in that country?  That's no reason to shy away.


You've heard of Califronian wines and French wines, of course.  And you also know about Italian wines and South African wines.  But, that doesn't mean that you should stick to the wines from these coutries alone.  That's because there are plenty of countries that produce wines for local consumption.  Switzerland, for example, has vineyards dotting the countryside and surrounding all its lakes.  And they do make marvellous wines, but mostly for local consumption.  (So local, in fact, that you can knock on the door of a vineyard and ask for a taste - and you'll get it for little or no cost.)  So, if you happen to spot a Swiss wine on the menu (or any other unusual country), then it is likely to be an exquisite wine and one you shouldn't pass up.

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