Dollar Shave Club

Best Christmas Grooming Gift

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Why people love it
  • World-class razors delivered to his doorstep
  • Choose number of blades and frequency of deliveries
  • Comes with free razor handle + 1st month of razors free

This gift is a cheap and fun way to help him stay well groomed! Delivers razors straight to his door, and it's super easy to select razor type and delivery frequency.

May be perceived as a comment on his grooming, or lack thereof.


Details: Dollar Shave Club, a web based supplier of shaving blades and handles, knows how to send fear directly into the hearts of some of the biggest brands in America. Just four years ago, Michael Dubin (CEO) had an idea - instead of schlepping down to the grocery store every time you needed a razor, why couldn't they be automatically delivered to your door each month?

So if he's the kind of guy who likes to present a neat appearance, this is an epic Christmas gift for him. You can have a fresh razor blade delivered to his door for as little as $3 per month, and you/he can choose the number of razor blades, the type, and the frequency of deliveries. You'll be able to alter your order whenever you want, and there are no hidden fees or added charges upon cancellation. The razor comes with a free handle upon your first purchase.

You can also add on extras: shave creams, body cleansers, wipes, pomades, moisturizers, and other high quality grooming products.

Price: At just $140 for a year's supply of razors and grooming products, you're paying a pretty low price to help him look his best. But if that's too steep a price, you can adjust your package so you're spending as little as $3 per month!

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