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  • Relaxes your body, reduces muscle cramps, and enhances testosterone
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The large capsules are a bit difficult to swallow.


Function: Magnesium deficiencies have been linked to low testosterone levels, so it's vital that you increase magnesium intake in order to increase sex drive. Magnesium encourages muscle relaxation, effective muscle movement, and the production of testosterone and other hormones. More specifically, it stops the sex-binding globulin hormone from binding to free testosterone, ensuring effective activity in your body's hormone receptors.

Details: This magnesium supplement contains 500 milligrams of TRAACS, a patented form of magnesium that has been chelated to enhance bioavailability. The fact that it's magnesium glycinate (magnesium bonding to the amino acid glycine) means that it will enhance the relaxant properties of the magnesium. It's very easily absorbed and put to use by your body.

The supplement is 100% vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and gluten-free. It is one of the top-rated magnesium supplements on third party tester Labdoor, where it received top marks for purity, ingredient safety, projected efficacy, label accuracy, and nutritional value. Each capsule delivers 206 mg of pure magnesium to boost testosterone levels!

Price: At just under $15 for a bottle of 240 tablets, you're paying about 4 cents per capsule. Given its high efficacy and the quality of the magnesium, it's definitely a supplement worth considering!

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