Why people love it
  • Works great, with clear picture--all at a great price
  • Easy to use; offers a good range of features
  • Quick and simple to install

Does not include a battery back-up, and requires a lot of wiring.


Features: This digital intercom/video doorbell comes with a 7" TFT LCD screen in full color, with a crisp, surprisingly clear image (960 x 480). The viewing angle is a bit limited (92 degrees), but you'll love the night vision--courtesy of 6 IR LED lights. It comes with an intercom (two-way talk), video surveillance, hands-free calling, automatic door unlock, and up to 30 different doorbell ringtones. You can even adjust the contrast and brightness of the camera, as well as the volume of the intercom.

The video doorbell is housed in an aluminum alloy casing that is rust-proof, water-resistant, and able to handle the elements. In fact, it can keep operating in temperatures as cold as -10C and as hot as 50C, and up to 85% humidity. If your front door is outside and exposed to the elements, this is the video doorbell for you.

Also, you can expand the number of video monitors AND cameras you have, perfect for homes with multiple doors.

Performance: The doorbell itself is easy to use and customize. You can choose your perfect ringtone with ease, and the video camera feature will give you a clear picture of what's outside your front door. The camera can switch between color and black & white at will, and you'll find that the quality of the indoor monitor is surprisingly good considering the low price.

There are a few issues: the intercom speaker volume is a bit low, hard-wiring cables can be messy, and the instructions can be hard to follow. However, in terms of overall performance, it's a decent choice.

Price: Starting at $96 for 1 camera and 1 monitor, this isn't too pricey overall. You'll pay up to $210 for 2 cameras and 2 monitors, but there are many options in between. Considering that it's designed to stand up to cold, rain, snow, heat, and humidity, it's a pretty worth while investment.

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