Why people love it
  • More than just solid black; multiple patterns included
  • Super comfortable, stay in place, no slipping
  • Stylish and versatile—the perfect dress socks for any occasion

Thin material is prone to wear and they're a bit tight around thicker ankles/calves.


Fit/Comfort/Style: These are incredibly comfortable dress socks, thin enough to be worn with dress shoes while thick enough to be used with casual shoes. They're super soft and comfortable, though men with larger calves and ankles may find them a bit tight. However, they stay firmly in place and won't roll down.

The above-the-ankle length makes them perfect for wearing under any pair of khakis, chinos, or dress pants. The 10-pack includes some solid black socks, but most include a pattern (dots, stripes, etc.), making the socks very stylish when they peep out from beneath your pant leg.

Material/Durability: The socks are made with 83% polyester, 15% cotton, and 2% Spandex. The material is a bit thinner than expected, so they may wear out sooner than expected. However, it's super-soft and easy to wear all day long. Though moisture control isn't as good as with athletic socks, these dress socks will dry very quickly once out of your shoes.

Price: At $25 for a 10-pack, this is a very well-priced deal! You get quality, super comfortable socks at a great price, and they're ideal for the days you need to dress to the nines for work or a formal event.

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