This DJI drone can capture high speed sports from never before attempted angles. 

  • 4k video recording from the UHD camera
  • View live streaming video from the quadcopter
  • Can't fly this anywhere near the White House!

You can capture video in 4K or 1080p and just like other DJI phantoms has an intelligent system that helps you fly. The Phantom 3 can fly up to 1.2 miles away. There are two different versions of this drone and one of them sports the 4K camera that can take 12 megapixel stills. The Phantom 3 Advanced has a 1080p camera that also shoots stills in 12 megapixels. When you connect your smartphone or tablet to the Phantom 3 you can see everything that the camera on the drone sees. 

A great feature on Phantom 3 is the vision positioning technology that scans the ground beneath it to give it a more accurate idea as to where it's at and move more accurately. 

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