DJI Mavic Pro

Best Drone Overall

Why people love it
  • Small and portable
  • High quality camera and video footage
  • Chock-full of additional features like obstacle sensors, tap-to-fly, and sports mode

Because this is so small and lightweight, agility and stability may be an issue if you try to fly this in strong winds. This also isn’t a drone that’s meant for the novice.


Performance: UAV Coach calls this one “a game-changer for aerial photographers and filmmakers” because of its portability and built-in power. We have to agree.

Operation: The more stable the drone, the easier it’s going to be to fly. In addition, the Mavic Pro has three different control settings. You can use the remote controller, your smartphone, and even your hands.

Features: Compatible with iOS and Android. Obstacle avoidance sensors. Tap-to-fly functionality. Variety of modes, including: follow mode, sports mode, WiFi mode, tripod mode, and more. Self-piloted landings. Geofencing

Price: Yes, this drone is expensive… but you’re paying for all those beautifully built-in features and convenience.

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