Why people love it
  • Excellent photo quality; great for both photo and video capture
  • Both flight and camera stability are amazing
  • Flight app is easy to use and offers both excellent camera and device control

Offers amazing images and video; durable, easy to maneuver, and has great range. Very cheap for what you get in value. This DJI quadcopter camera drone can capture high speed sports from never before attempted angles. It features a 2.7k video recording from the UHD camera and allows you to view live streaming video from the quadcopter. Excellent value for the price!

DJI is known for their poor customer service.


The Details: This DJI quadcopter is built for aerial photographs! The 25-minute battery life will give him more than enough flight time to shoot as many overhead shots as he wants. Thanks to the GPS flight features, he can concentrate on shooting pictures while the GPS handles the flight. He won't have to worry about losing the drone—GPS positioning will always tell him where it is.

Not only can he take photographs, but he'll be able to shoot video as well. All the images and video will be streamed to the DJI app on his phone, thanks to the ½-mile streaming connection range. The flight range is excellent—1.2 miles, compared to the usual 0.5. Some users have even flown it up to 400 feet high!

You can fly for about 25 minutes which should allow you to get plenty of good arial shots. Some of these shots can come in the form of video that can be streamed from up to 1/2 mile away on to the DJI Go app on your phone or tablet.

Price: $400 is a much lower price than you'll pay for the DJI Phanton 3 with a 4K/1080p camera built in, so it makes a great gift for guys who are just getting used to flying drones. It's a great intro to aerial photography using drones, and he'll love the image and video quality.

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