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Dishevel Fiber Cream Men Cream by Redken (3.4 oz)
  • Despite some commentary on the smell, men tend to love it
  • Awesome hold without any greasiness
  • Natural finish and pliable hold

This is a great all-rounder when it comes to hair creams and certainly a favorite for many men.

Some users are not crazy about the strong smell - though that may be a batch issue.


This product has a lot going for it, including the price. It’s one of the stronger holds available as a cream, but it still doesn’t come close to competing with stronger products, such as gels. Basically, Redken's Dishevel Fiber Cream does exactly what it says it will - it offers long-lasting reworkable hold without making your hair too sticky, too stiff or too styled. Better still, it looks and feels as natural as you would expect from a top hair cream. And, it allows for movement, so you can continue to rework it throughout the day, making it perfect for guys that tend to use their hair as a form of expression.

The Dishevel Fiber does have a smell to it, though it may be difficult to put your finger on exactly what it is. And, it is a little shiny once applied, but more like a healthy, conditioned hair than slick. 

Application: Can be applied to damp or dry hair, but you’ll get a much more natural style when applied to dry hair.

Who It’s For: It does tend to work better with short to medium styles, but within that range, you won't need a whole lot of this product to get the finish that you want. 

Why We Like It: It’s one of the strongest holds you’ll get without looking like there is too much product in your hair. It also washes out easily and although it’s not the cheapest product on the list, it does fall in an acceptable range.

What Reviewers Say: 

  • I like this stuff. It keeps the hair in place throughout the day and lasts about a month in the bottle. Good stuff.
  • Many hair products out there makes your hair all sticky. Well if you don't like those, this is one great product that holds your hair very well, and at the same time maintains a natural look, as if you haven't applied anything to your hair. You can't really feel it on your hair, and it also lasts very well.
  • Unlike most hair products, this one is very natural. It smells nice, it's neither a paste nor a gel, and it textures any hair the way you want no matter how thick or tough. Other products I've used have either made my hair super stiff (which results in the product flaking off and makes my head look like I just came out of a snowstorm) or just looked to obvious that I had product in my hair. This stuff is all I use now, and it makes your hair glimmer just the perfect amount and allows you to style it however you want without having to worry about it later. It comes as a pump bottle and is akin to a slightly sticky paste...and it works wonders.

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