Why people love it
  • Beautifully lightweight and portable; powerful despite its small size
  • Affordable price, yet good value and fairly reliable
  • Functional, user-friendly, and easy to use

Noisy and requires a lot of strength to push. Additionally, the canister has to be cleaned by hand.


Performance: For the very low price, this bad boy delivers amazing quality performance. You get a durable, reliable machine with a surprising amount of power for its compact size. Though the motor is a bit noisy, you'll find it has excellent suction power and is small enough to fit under any bed or in any closet.

The canister design makes it easy to empty, but there's always hair and dander trapped near the filter that will have to be removed by hand (ew!). It's also not a self-propelling machine, so you'll have to use a bit of strength to push it. However, it's designed for hardwood and carpeted floors, with a switch that makes it easy to adjust the brush length according to the floor you're working on.

Features: The vacuum has a VERY short hose, but an extra-long power cord that gives you ample reach in rooms of any size. The handle is comfortable to grip, and the controls are in an easy-to-reach location. They're also simple to operate—just a few switches to change all the features.

The vacuum cleaner comes with all the typical tools: crevice tool, brush, and extension wand. However, there's no place to store the brush tool on-board the vacuum cleaner. The click-lock handle makes it easy to get under furniture and tables, and you'll find it's a highly maneuverable, portable little machine.

Price: At this price—just $50—you won't find a better vacuum cleaner. It's not without its flaws, but it's definitely the best at the price point!

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