Love the new Jennifer Lawrence Dior advertisements? We just can't blame you. J-Law is smoking hot in them. And this is the lipstick she wears in them.

  • Features a hydra-gel core for a top coat effect
  • Enriched with Shield oil to ensure that lip color adheres to lips and stays put

We know you're not going to have an easy time paying this kind of money for a lipstick. But, you may not have a choice. This stuff is the business. And, she may be the cover girl for the ad, but Jennifer Lawrence herself is known to rave about it.

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  • I've got full but small-ish lips (as in they aren't very long width-wise across my face) and I have trouble with a lot of opaque lipsticks because they add too much colour and make my lips look smaller and my face look bigger (when I wear bright colours I tend to look really pale so there's an even bigger contrast between my bright lips and my pale face). This lipstick is so beautiful because it's sheer and shiny and adds the perfect pop of subtle colour without making optical illusions of face-altering proportions. I love the luxurious packaging, too. After using it once, the little CD logo in the middle of the stick still hasn't rubbed off so this lipstick will last a long time and make it well-worth its price tag!
  • A friend let me use Bright in a pinch before brunch and as a result I will be buying my own. This is the only lipstick that spreads nicely and moisturizers while still being a lipstick. I've tried a lot of different brands and purchased creamy lipsticks because I thought they would be moisturizing but they only accentuated my dry lips. If they have a gloss I will probably try that too.
  • I think most lipstick looks like it's wearing the lips rather than the other way around. I hate that look and I'm too busy (and find it way too boring) to fuss with my lipcolor. This formula fixes all that. It is sheer enough to allow your own lip texture to come through. It's easy to apply, and comfortable to wear. It lasts a couple of hours and does not dry out your lips. The finish is shiny but not juvenile. The colors are sophisticated but not stuffy.

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