Why people love it
  • Durable yet comfortable fabric
  • Lots of pockets
  • Multiple color options

A handful of healthcare workers complain that the pants are too baggy, even if you buy the right size.


Fit: Numerous women rave that Dickies scrubs fit perfectly, and these cargo pants are no exception. They have a low-rise waist that closes with a convenient drawstring, and they’re loose near the bottom of the legs. Because of this, the pants pair well with hospital clogs and tennis shoes. Some workers even report wearing them outside of the hospital because you can pass them off as regular pants.

Features: Scrub tops have plenty of pockets, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need more on your pants. These cargo scrubs are packed with pockets; 7, to be exact. Wide belt loops provide a convenient place to hook key rings or lanyards, freeing up your pockets for other workplace essentials.

Maintenance: Hallelujah, these cotton, polyester, and spandex pants are machine washable! Reviewers report that the rich, vibrant color holds up well after multiple washes.

Price: $30 is an average price for scrub pants, but these comfy pants are anything but average.

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