Diaper Dude's Heavy Duty Messenger Bag

Best Messenger Bag that Doubles as a Diaper Bag

Why people love it
  • Makes a great gift
  • Excellent for (new) dads
  • Room for everything a parent needs

You get plenty of pockets and plenty of space with this messenger/diaper bag. It really holds a lot of gear and it’s made of breathable fabric for long days away from home.

The screen printed dad’s checklist on the inside of the front flap may be a little insulting for guys who know what they’re doing. (And if they need a stylish diaper, erm messenger, bag to tote around with baby… they know what they’re doing.)


Fathers can still be fashionable, with this diaper dude messenger bag, designed to lug around diapers, bottles, and wipes for their little ones. The wide strap is adjustable, it includes a padded changing mat, an insulated bottle holder, and has breathable mesh padding for extra comfort. This is the Diaper Dude's newest cool sack for sporty dads. The Messenger II is made of durable polyester fabric and has loads of features. Better still? This bag is available with pinstripes. Who doesn't love that?

What’s it made of? As you would expect with most parental accessories, this one is made of durable polyester fabric. There is some breathable padding inside too.

Can you close it fully? Closures are all velcro, which is quick and easy when you need all the hands you can get. But, it does mean that you don’t want to be swinging this bag around. And, you may (occasionally) want to check that nothing has fallen in the trunk of your car.

What’s the largest laptop or tablet it can hold? This messenger bag wasn’t explicitly designed to lug tech around. But, users don’t seem to have any problems adding their iPads to the mix of things stored inside. That’s because there are separate compartments for dad and baby; each one has a mesh pocket to store whatever you want (from diapers to phones). And, yes, there is an insulated bottle holder, plus you get a padded changing mat too.

Can you wash it? The fabric is stain resistant. And while not waterproof, the exterior does repel water. That helps with keeping things clean so the bag doesn’t need more than a wipe with a damp cloth.

Will it break the bank? You get a lot of bag and features for $100 (or thereabouts), but it isn’t the cheapest diaper or messenger bag you can get. When you can pick it up for less than $85, it's a good deal. As long as dad keeps this packed appropriately, it’ll get a lot of use… even after baby grows.

What Reviewers Say: Dads love this bag (and their women like to see them with it). Here's what they have to say about it:

  • This is a great bag! We used to use an open top bag that can be carried only using the handle, it was bulging with my little daughter's stuff. When we got the diaper dude bag and moved all the things to it, I thought something must be wrong because it felt really empty even with everything in it.
  • Excellent diaper bag! We have flown several times since our little dude was born and this has been perfect. Even when we stuff it full of items, it still fits easily underneath the seat on the plane. We are able to fit 6-8 diapers, a change of clothes, a bib, several toys, a changing pad, a package of wipes, diaper cream, my iPad, my Kindle, my wallet, my phone, pacifiers, nail clippers, burp rags, plus a few other odds and ends. I love that it has several pockets to separate everything. I also like that it has a zipper top. Many diaper bags just have a flap without a zipper. It's been comfortable to carry around the airport as well. I would definitely recommend this product.
  • Nice baby bag for a guy - I like the reminder tips it gives them on the inside flap (last one says to not forget the baby which is pretty funny).


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