Diane Double Sided Men’s Club Brush

Best Budget Men’s Hair Brush

Why people love it
  • High-quality at a great price
  • Amazing bristles (both sets)
  • Great for beards

  • Surprisingly well made in most cases
  • Good for both thick and thin hair types, as well as long and short lengths
  • Not bad looking and travels well too
  • The bristles on one side aren’t 100% boar bristles
  • Some users experience cracking of the wood

We’re not going to hide it, this budget brush was made in China. But the price is a deceiver; the quality is much higher than you would initially suspect.

The cost offers even more value when you consider that there are actually two different sets of bristles on this brush - one softer side and one stiffer side. Both have their merits.

Don’t dismiss this brush believing that you only need or will use just one side. For example, the soft side is terrific at managing side burns and new beards.

And while the stiff-bristled side seems like it’s the more appropriate for head hair, keep in mind that men who rock a shorter style often find their regular brush is a little too much right after a haircut.

(That got you thinking, right?)

Of course, it’s not a styling brush and you need to remember that because, while this is remarkably well made for the price, it’s not going to withstand heat, nor will it be good for hair fresh out of the shower.

Sure you can run the stiff nylon side through damp hair, but it’s best to hold off.

Brush type: A double-sided club brush.

Handle: The wooden handle is comfortable, even if it is on the shorter side.

Bristles: There are medium (or rather, soft) bristles on one side of the brush and stiffer nylon bristles on the other. There are a few boar bristles tucked in on this side, but not many - and if you look closely, they’re not advertising 100% boar bristles on both sides.

Both sides are comfortable, though you’re more likely to use the soft side for facial grooming unless you have exceptionally fine scalp hair.

Price: It’s a little more than $6. To be fair, it’s not the cheapest brush on the list, but this cuts across hair types and is really two brushes in one, so…

It’s also available with Prime shipping. Always a plus.

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