D:fi D:struct Pliable Molding Creme (5.3 oz)

Best Overall Men's Styling Cream

Why people love it
  • Holds hair all day without annoying residue
  • Matte finish so no shine
  • Looks natural and smells great
Drawbacks, not dealbreakers

Some users report this cream is a bit too sticky.


This molding cream from D:fi is an incredible product.  It offers a lot of volume to slack hair, but without the crunchiness of gels.  And that should get you thinking about the hold that this product offers; for a cream, it is one of the most superior holding products on the market.  It can do pretty much what you want it to do, whether your hair is wet or dry.  It does smell a bit like a pina-colada, so consider it more a night on the town product than one for a 7 am boardroom meeting.

Men LOVE this product and it’s absolutely easy to see why. As soon as you work this into your routine, you will have a difficult time coping when stock runs low. It has a super-strong hold for a styling cream. It also adds a natural, matte-look to the finished product. There’s a zero-risk of flakes unless you add WAY too much, and you won’t need to do that; a little bit goes a long way.

There is a single drawback to this product, though – they’re upfront about their use of parabens. And, while we would never want you to put this on your skin, running it through the ends of your hair doesn’t pose the risks that extended contact with skin does.

Application: Dry works best, but you can play through all the various combinations until you get the perfect style.

Who’s It For: Every man (and some of their girlfriends too)!

Why We Love It: This is all around the perfect combination of strength, workability, finish, smell, durability, and washability. Add to that the super low price of this styling cream and the remarkable reviews from real users, we truly can’t help ourselves when it comes to this hair cream.

What Reviewers Say:

  • I've been through a ridiculous amount of products trying to get them to hold my hair right, but i was happy with none of them. Then i tried this, and i haven't used anything else since i starting using it 2 years ago. i can do anything and everything i want to do to my hair. another wonderful thing is that it can be applied with moist or dry hair. pretty much my fave
  • On a final note, the scent of this creme is awesome. It would be five stars without it, (just for hold, comfort, etc), but the scent really is a huge plus and bonus.
  • If your looking for the best molding creme and picky like me, then you'll love d:fi. I have used just about everything on the market, Crew Fiber, Bumble & Bumble Sumotech, ect. D:fi is by far the best of them all. Easily allows you to mold and sculpt your hair anyway you like. I actually also like the smell of this product as well. The only negative to this product is if you use too much, your hair will tend to look a little gray. Guess thats the price you pay to look "pretty":)


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