DEWALT 20V/12V MAX Camo Heated Jacket

Best Heated Hunting Jacket

Why people love it
  • An incredibly rugged, versatile winter jacket designed for hunters
  • Built-in heating zones keep your whole upper body toasty
  • Seven pockets that allow you to store your tools, hunting knife, and gadgets

Brown forest camouflage, durable outer shell, four heating zones, LED controller, three temperature settings, bonus pre-heat function, lots of pockets, built-in USB ports for charging your phone, compact battery, good insulation, water and wind-resistant, and compatible with DeWalt batteries.

Iffy battery life/lifespan.


Design: For hunters who want to be warm while spending time outdoors, this is the jacket for you. The camouflage will keep you safely concealed in the forest. And with the water-resistant polyester outer shell, you'll find the jacket can handle a lot of the wear and tear common to hunting, hiking, and camping without damage.

Hunters will love the seven zippered pockets, which give you plenty of carrying space for your hunting knife, GPS devices, compass, and other gadgets. The jacket isn't so bulky that it hinders your freedom of movement (no interference with getting your rifle/crossbow up to your shoulder for a quick shot), but it is thick enough to keep you warm all winter long, even if the heater is switched off.

Heating: The jacket has four heating zones (chest and back), so it will spread the heat all over your upper body very effectively. The built-in heating element is slim and lightweight so as not to hamper your movements. For those who want to slip into a warm garment, the pre-heat setting is absolute magic! The jacket's built-in battery can even be used to charge your phone, thanks to the 2 USB charging ports.

Sadly, battery life on this bad boy is below average—you get just 2-4 hours of use on the higher settings, or 6-7 on the highest setting. The lifespan of the battery is also pretty poor, with less than 2 years of regular use before it craps out. However, the jacket is compatible with any 12V and 20V DeWalt battery, so it will be a simple matter to replace when it fails.

Price: Starting at $160 and going as high as $180, this is definitely on the pricier side of things. However, the jacket will keep you warm, cozy, and concealed while on the hunt—the perfect addition to your hunting and trekking gear!

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