Best Wet Look Pomade for Men

Lockhart's Hair Pomade Goon Grease Heavy Hold
  • Long, strong hold (but you still get flexibility)
  • Terrific smell
  • Classic pomade shine
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This is clearly the go-to for guys that want a consistent hold with a wet look. Think pompadours, slick backs, jelly rolls –you know, the greaser look. It sells for a great price and is easy to apply.

As an oil-based pomade, you already know this is going to be difficult to wash out of your hair. Some users also report it being a little difficult to scoop out of the container.


It’s the only oil-based pomade on this list for a reason. Water-based pomades just wash out so much easier than this one will (even though this is definitely one of the easier oil-based options). But water-based products just can’t offer the shine, shine, shine that you’re going to get with this pomade. That makes it rather perfect for classic pompadours, slick backs, and jelly rolls.                        

In addition to taming waves and cowlicks (even the most stubborn among them), it’ll keep hair perfectly in place all day long without ever hardening (you know, like the gels that will give you the shine, but harden into a helmet). And, okay, the color and the fragrance are a little unusual, but totally doable since the first doesn’t transfer and the second is really quite mild.

Base: Oil

Notable ingredients: Inside, you’ll find petrolatum, microcrystalline wax, beeswax, avocado oil, lanolin, fragrance, and color - you’ll know what we mean by that last one as soon as you open the container. In the meantime, you should know that it’s got plenty of conditioning elements to match with the gripping ones.

Hold and control: Super strong; but don’t worry, it doesn’t harden like gel.

Shine level: Expect a consistent medium to high shine. This is a classic oil pomade.

Texture and fragrance: Don’t be concerned about the bright green shade of this product; it won’t transfer to your hair. Indeed once you scoop this pomade out and begin to work it between your fingers, it dissolves into buttery goodness. As for the green, it matches the somewhat unusual cucumber scent.

Application: With its oil base, this spreads as evenly and smoothly as a man could ever want. And, you’ll still get some restyling ability.

Washability: This is not easy to wash out, but that’s what you get with an oil-based pomade. Get yourself a strong shampoo.

Sizes and pricing: Amazon sells both the 4-ounce and an 8-ounce jars, and both are available with Prime. The 4-ounce container sells for less than $12 (and usually closer to $11), for a value-for-money price of less than $3 per ounce. That’s a brilliant deal.


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