Strongest Hold Pomade for Men

Layrite Superhold Pomade
  • Super hold (no really)
  • Wow does this smell good
  • Easily washes out of your hair
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If you’re after an elevated style with serious hold, you may want to consider this one. It’s got the hold of gel, but all the flexibility of a pomade. And, it remains flake-free.

Some users find this leaves their hair a little dry. Though, some reviewers find it on the sticky side.


Gosh, we like the principle behind this pomade. It was created as a wax or gel alternative as far as the hold is concerned. But, it’s a pomade and it washes out like one – easily. It’s great for taming thick, coarse hair as it really does have perhaps the strongest hold out there.

We love that you can achieve a fair amount of volume with this American-made pomade. Guys who want a tight mohawk or spiked hair should really consider this as it holds until you want it to stop. At the same time, you won’t find a single flake – and you may find people trying to get a whiff of the delicious aroma wafting from your head.

Base: Water (though it’s not as if you won’t find some oil in the mix)

Notable ingredients: The caster oil conditions hair which the mix of glycerin and coconut oil emulsifies and thickens hair.

Hold and control: This is a really high-hold pomade; it’s almost as if it were wax. It’s also long-lasting, which means you shouldn’t need to make any adjustments before heading out for the evening. If you do, there is still a fair amount of flexibility in this blend.

Shine level: We’d call it a medium shine, but depending on the hair you bring to the party, it could appear a little less shiny than other pomades would provide.

Texture and fragrance: It’s a smooth, non-sticky pomade that smells like vanilla, but, like, a manly vanilla. We know that may be tough for some people to understand, but it really does have an amazing scent that people (of all genders) fall for.

Application: It’s super easy to apply and distribute, gripping hair to allow for an amazing range of styles. It’s also easy to restyle with a little water.

Washability: Expect zero flakes and an easy time washing it out of your hair. (It just keeps getting better, right?)

Sizes and pricing: For $18, you get 4.25 ounces. It is on the Prime list (but not Subscribe & Save). So, you should expect it to work out to about $4.25 per ounce; that’s on the high end of average. It’s not for people that are ultra-budget conscious, but we’d still place it in the value for money category.


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