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Jocie Unlined Bra
  • Looks fantastic whether you have clothes on or not
  • The lace is incredibly soft
  • Great bra to transition from day to night
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The lack of quality, unlined bras for larger cup sizes is frustrating. They’re either too uncomfortable, dig too much into the breasts or shoulders, or they look like granny bras with super-wide straps and blah colors. That is not at all the case with the Jocie Unlined, which is a supremely sexy bra for women of (almost) all cup sizes!

After giving this one a test run for a few days, our editor was incredibly satisfied with the quality of the bra. While you won’t be able to wear this under a thin T-shirt and probably wouldn’t think to put this on when out running errands, it will definitely see some play when it comes to nicer events to attend at night… or for events that take place at home (if you catch our drift).

There's just something so nice about wearing this bra (and underwear). It will make you feel sexy but is also just a joy to wear. Soft, supportive enough, and breathable (which you don’t find in a lot of bras).

Because this is an unlined bra, your nipples are definitely going to show through, so you won’t be able to wear this under light-colored or thin clothing. Also, take note that the name of this bra changes based on the color you order. The one our editor tested was the Jocie which is why that’s the name we’ve given it here. That said, don’t be confused when you see some other lady’s name show up as you sift through the other colors.


Size: They make this in an A through DDD cup. However, having tested this bra, we don’t know if it would look that nice on a very small A cup. In that case, we'd suggest something with more of a peekaboo element. For all other sizes, however, the lacy unlined cups are going to look and feel fantastic.

Support: Don’t expect too much support here if that’s what you’re used to and need. There are unlined bras that will provide that, but you’ll need a solid cotton fabric to do that for you.  

Comfort: What can we say? We can't get enough of how good this bra feels. It’s super soft to the touch as well as against the skin. It also doesn’t seem to chafe the way you'd expect an unlined bra (or anything deemed “sexy”) to do. It also somehow makes looking sexy seem like a casual thing, like, “Oh, this old bra? Yeah, no big deal.”

Price: Remember that when you buy a bra from AdoreMe, you also get matching underwear with it, so this is a fantastic deal.


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