Best Bra for Plus-Sized Ladies

Leia Contour Plus Bra
  • Made specifically for the body and shape of plus-sized ladies
  • Provides a good amount of lift and support
  • Not just functional, but also sexy
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One of the most common complaints about bras made for smaller-breasted women is how close together the straps are and how the cups do nothing for support. That’s why we were delighted to find the Leia Contour Plus Bra from AdoreMe. With almost 1,000 customer reviews of this bra (and underwear, as it comes in a set), ladies can’t get enough of how supportive and great-fitting this bra is.

This is something our editors have experienced with AdoreMe and it’s something the company usually addresses in their sizing guide: AdoreMer bras have a tendency to run small. Be sure to check the specifications before you buy anything from them. Sometimes it’s the cups that run small or, in the case of this one, the band is one size too small.


Size: Band sizes 38 to 44 will find a trustworthy and sexy bra to love here. If you love the look of this but need a smaller size (cup or band), look for the non-“Plus” version of this bra.

Support: The way this bra is constructed is pretty brilliant when you take a closer look. Yes, it’s definitely a bra full of sex appeal, but every element of its construction was done to cater to the plus-sized figure. The straps are wider set for one, which is helpful in relieving pressure on the shoulders. The straps themselves are wider too, so you won’t have to worry about digging. The back is in the style of a racerback which also helps provide support. And customers also say that the front closure style is a nice touch for support and lift.

Comfort: For a nice mix of comfort and sex appeal, you can’t go wrong with this bra. Plus, the straps, cups, and lace were constructed with very soft materials, so you’ll be more than happy to put this bra and underwear set on.

Price: The price includes both the bra and underwear, which makes this a fantastic deal. (First-timers also get a discount, so be sure to take advantage of that if this is your first time with AdoreMe!)


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