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24/7™ Classic T-Shirt Bra
  • Incredibly comfortable and soft
  • Simple yet beautiful design
  • Really well made
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This bra hits all the high points: support, comfort, and looks. And the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra from ThirdLove does just that indeed.

After testing this bra for an entire week, our editor would say that this bra goes above and beyond on all of the above categories.

  • The full coverage cups kept the girls in place through a walk with the dog, shuffling around the mall for a few hours, and doing chores around the house.
  • In terms of comfort, it's absolutely shocking how soft and lightweight the material is. Especially for someone with larger breasts, it’s not common to find bras that aren't made of thicker, rougher cottons and can still hold you in.
  • And looks? It’s a really simple design, but the details on the straps and the overall sheen of the bra are just lovely.

There’s only one real con with this bra and it’s for those of us that wear a larger cup size (I’d say probably a D and larger): don’t expect to be jumping around or briskly walking anywhere in this bra.

While it provides enough support for our smaller breasted sisters, it won’t do much to keep our breasts from bouncing up and down if we do anything over than walk at a normal pace.


Size: They make this bra in sizes A to F, which sounds about right to us. Anything bigger probably couldn’t be supported by such lightweight cups.

Support: We are perfectly content with the support provided by this bra through day-to-day activities. Unless you’re playing with rowdy kids in the backyard or regularly find yourself bee-bopping along to tunes as you ride the train into work, you shouldn’t have to worry about the amount of support provided.

Comfort: Good Housekeeping had their testers take this for a trial run and they said things like "I pretty much forgot I was wearing it" and "I have never felt a bra material like this before." As we gave this bra a test run of our own, we were in total agreement with this. The underwire, the straps, the cups—you will barely notice any of it.

Price: This might seem a little expensive compared to cheaper brands you can find on Amazon, but you likely won’t get those bras to last as long, feel as good, or make you feel as pretty.


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