Why people love it
  • The most accurate Nerf gun on the market
  • Shoots the updated AccuStrike darts
  • Easy to assemble and use in seconds

The AlphaHawk is one of Nerf’s Accustrike series of guns updated for maximum accuracy. The bolt-action gun will feel like a classic sniper rifle, and delivers sniper rifle-level accuracy. Don’t expect rapid rate of fire, but you’ll never miss a well-aimed shot!

Slow rate of fire and only features a five-dart capacity.


Performance: If you’re a camper/sniper type, this is the gun for you. With its bolt action and 5-dart cylinder, it will feel like a classic sniper rifle. It will also deliver accuracy that any marksman will be happy with. Your range isn’t quite as far as some of the older-model rifles, but within your range, you’ll find few guns hit the target (or the enemy) with as much accuracy.

Features: The rifle comes with a bolt action that makes it easy to cock the gun between shots. You’ll find the five-dart cylinder can only hold enough for a few well-placed shots, but reloading is a breeze. The blaster comes with an integrated sight that will help you to aim like a pro. The gun comes with 10 of the upgraded AccuStrike darts, but it can be used with the classic Nerf (and third party) darts as well.

Price: At under $20, this sniper rifle is a good long gun to own if you’re battling on a large-sized field of war. Though its rate of fire is slow, no one can complain about its accuracy!

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