Best Nerf Gun to Mod

Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike
  • The most customizable Nerf gun on the market
  • Multiple guns in one—turns into 2 guns when broken down
  • Comes with a barrel compatible with all blasters
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The Modulus range of Nerf guns comes with dozens of accessories you can use to modify your weapons, and this one includes more than 1,000 ways to use the gun. For modders that want total control over customization, this is your top pick.

Center blaster is not the most reliable, and the gun is prone to jamming.


Performance: If you want total control over the design, length, size, weight, and functionality of your Nerf gun, this is your top pick. It’s the best of the Modulus series of Nerf guns, which are specially designed to be modified (not only with accessories, but third-party mods). The gun is designed to be used both as a rifle and a blaster, with a long barrel that can be easily removed and attached to any blaster.

The gun comes with five different bullet-holding accessories, but there are many Modulus attachments and add-ons that will help you to change/adapt the functionality of this gun. There are dozens of upgrade kits you can purchase to make this gun the most customizable choice around.

Features: This gun comes with three ways to fire: a center blaster, a missile launcher, and a small blaster beneath. The gun can be broken down into two separate weapons, or it can be used for one multi-functional, highly effective weapon of mass Nerf destruction.

The kit comes with the Elite Dart Blaster, Mega Dart Blaster, Missile Launcher, 10 Elite darts, 4 Mega darts, and 1 missile. Your enemies will never know what hit them!

Price: The $36 price tag on this bad boy is reasonable, and you get a solid, reliable gun when you buy the stock version. But get ready to spend upwards of $200 to fully modify the gun with Nerf parts, or even more if you want to look at third-party mods.


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