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Rival Apollo XV-700
  • Highly accurate with great range
  • More powerful than stock Nerf blaster guns
  • Well-built, durable, and reliable
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For maximum accuracy, better range, and a faster rate of fire, the Rival range of guns is the way to go! This blaster shoots little foam balls instead of Nerf darts, and you’ll find it’s a whole new way to win your battles.

Cocking mechanism is too small to grip easily; and the balls may leave welts/blisters. Plus, the gun does not include an aiming feature.


Performance: If you want a new way to war, this is an excellent choice. The Rival range of Nerf guns shoots little yellow foam balls instead of Nerf darts, and you’ll find they’re surprisingly accurate—on par with the most accurate Nerf guns. The range is excellent, and the fact that the foam balls are heavier than your average darts means they have more stopping power. They’ll also fly farther before dropping, so you can fire at your target instead of lobbing darts into the air to drop on your enemies.

The blaster pistol feels solid and very well-built, with a comfortable handle. Sadly, the cocking mechanism built into the top of the blaster is too small to grip comfortably, and you’ll find yourself getting welts or blisters if you use it for too long.

Features: The blast comes with a 7-round magazine, though you can always upgrade to an extra-long 12-round magazine for an extra price. The trigger requires very little effort to pull, and you’ll love how the gun NEVER jams. There is a tactical rail that you can use to install a sight, though the cocking mechanism will interfere with that. Aiming is pretty tough with this blaster, but once you get used to it, you’ll find it’s one of the best for high-accuracy, long-range battling.

Price: The $36 price tag on this gun makes it affordable, and you’ll love how reliable, accurate, and high-powered it is. Compared to Nerf blaster guns at the same price, this foam ball-shooting gun is well worth the cost!


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