NERF Elite Hyperfire

Fastest Shooting Nerf Gun

Why people love it
  • Fastest-firing Nerf gun around, blast your enemies to smithereens in seconds!
  • Good balance, accuracy, size, and weight
  • Easy to load and reload in seconds

Shoots up to five darts per second, making it the fastest-firing Nerf gun on the market. The 25-shot drum and battery-powered motodrive ensures that you get decent range and accuracy at an incredibly high rapid fire rate.

Motor is noisy, and the gun requires 4 D-sized batteries.


Performance: Thanks to its built-in battery-powered motor, this gun will make you the fastest hand on the Nerf battlefield. It spits out five Nerf darts per second, so it will empty out your Nerf dart drum in five or six seconds. You’ll find it’s beautifully easy to remove the drum, secure a new one in place, cock the gun, and get firing. Though loading the drums takes time, once they’re loaded, you’ll be in for some fast-paced action!

You can expect about 75 to 90 feet of maximum range, though it’s at its most accurate up to 50 feet. The gun looks and feels like a 1920s’ Tommy gun, and it’s your best pick if you want top speed firing.

Features: The gun comes with a thumbhole stock, a solid handgrip, and an accessory rail for you to add extra add-ons and mods to the gun. There is a slide catch built into the gun just behind the accessory rail, making it easy for you to clear up dart jams. Thankfully, the gun isn’t too prone to jamming!

In addition to the regular trigger, there’s a secondary trigger that will get the motor spinning for the maximum fire rate. Once the motor’s spinning at full speed (a sound which no one will miss), you can press the primary trigger to open fire and empty the drum in seconds.

Price: At $48, this is one of the pricier Nerf guns on our list, but so worth it if you’re planning on total annihilation of your foes. Just get ready to spend a small fortune on D-sized batteries!

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