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Parachute Percale Bed Sheets
  • The longest-lasting bed sheets on the market
  • No pilling, shrinking, or wearing out
  • Crisp and cool, great for summer use
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Made of 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton, these percale sheets are incredibly durable and long-lasting, with minimal shrinkage and excellent resistance to pilling. They are crisp, soft, and beautifully cool to sleep on.

They aren't the smoothest or silkiest sheets on our list, and they're prone to easy wrinkling.


Comfort: If you're looking for maximum comfort, these percale sheets are fairly soft and cool, though not as silky smooth as you may want. They're beautifully crisp when freshly washed, and you'll find they're comfortable enough to use for a hot summer night. They offer next-level luxury and a pair of sheets that will last for a long time.

Quality: When it comes to durability, no other set of bedsheets can beat Parachute. The fact that they're woven Egyptian cotton means that they're incredibly long-lasting, as woven fabrics are far more durable than knit fabrics. The sheets are made exclusively with Oeko-Tex certified, eco-friendly dyes that will hold their color for years without fading or bleeding in the wash. There is minimal shrinkage in the wash, and the sheets are sized to fit most commercial mattresses.

The fabric is incredibly durable, strong, and resistant to pilling. Though not the most wrinkle-resistant, they are ideal for those who want crispness and years of regular use.

Price: $130 isn't too high a price to pay for such amazing durability and reliability in a set of bed sheets. They offer quality comfort and are unmatched in terms of long-lasting quality.


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