Brooklinen Luxe Core

Best Heavy Winter Sheets

Why people love it
  • Luxurious 480-thread count
  • Super soft and silky, yet thick and super warm
  • Long-lasting, durable set of bed sheets

These sheets are thick, super soft to the touch, and beautifully warm. Plus, they offer great durability and no risk of pilling, fraying, or sagging with regular use. The perfect winter sheets!

Be careful not to use harsh detergents, as they may discolor or fade.


Comfort: If you want silky smooth comfort, these are an amazing choice. The 480-thread count sateen weave makes for a super soft bed, and they will feel smooth as butter on your skin as you lie down. These sheets are made exclusively from Egyptian cotton, in a single-ply construction that will be highly luxurious.

They're also thicker and heavier than other bed sheets, which means they're highly effective at keeping your body heat trapped as close to your skin as possible. They're the best set of heavy winter sheets you could ask for, and they'll be just what you need to stay toasty and warm in your bed.

Each bundle of sheets comes with 7 pieces: a fitted sheet, flat sheet, duvet cover, and four pillow cases. The fitted sheet has a tough elastic that makes it easy to slip it over your mattress, and the elastic won't sag or stretch even after years of use. Though the set is pricey, it's as balanced as it gets in terms of comfort, luxury, and durability.

Quality: The fact that these are woven sheets mean they are going to last longer, and will be less prone to wearing out. Users are warned against using harsh detergents that could cause the colors to bleed or wear out, and it's recommended to avoid the use of hard water for washing. However, they will last for years of regular use, and they won't stretch, sag, or fade.  

Price: A $240 pair of bed sheets may seem like a pricey investment. There's no doubt that the price tag is higher than you'd expect for a simple set of sheets, but these are the heavy sheets you'll want to keep in your closet for those winter weeks and months when the weather turns very cold.

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