Best Lightweight Summer Sheets

CGK Unlimited King Size Sheet Set
  • Thin and light enough to see through
  • Soft and wonderfully cooling for the summer
  • Breathable, great for heavy sweaters
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For heavy sweaters, these light microfiber sheets are just what you need to stay cool in the summer. They're lightweight, cool on your skin, and highly breathable!

The sheets are sized strange, and they may not fit all mattresses.


Comfort: If you're the kind of man or woman who hates being hot in the summer, give these sheets a try. Not only are they super lightweight, but they're made of a soft polyester microfiber that is wonderfully breathable. They'll let your body heat escape to prevent overheating and heavy sweating at night.

The fabric is soft to the touch, and it's silky and smooth on your skin. The manufacturer claims that they're "softer than Egyptian and organic cotton", and though that may be a bit of a stretch, there's no doubt that they're some of the most comfortable summer sheets you'll ever own.

Quality: Durability is a bit of a mixed bag with these sheets. They're lightweight, so they may be too thin to hold up to years of hardcore use (by people who sweat or move around in bed a lot). However, they're made of durable material that shouldn't wear out too quickly, and which won't fade or bleed in the wash. Some users reported pilling after just a few uses, while others reported a year or two of use with no problems.

Be warned: the sizing can be a bit strange with these sheets. Though they're marketed as "deep pocketed" for extra-thick mattresses, sometimes the top and fitted sheets come in different sizes.

Price: For the price tag, these aren't the best-quality sheets on the market (thanks to their durability and sizing issues). However, if the most important thing to you is staying cool in the summer, you'll definitely want to give these sheets a try.


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