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Mellanni Bed Sheet Set
  • Polyester fabric feels soft and buttery
  • Inexpensive, yet feels like luxury
  • No shrinking in the wash, wrinkle-resistant
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Despite their low price tag, you won't find sheets softer than these! The material is resistant to most stains, barely wrinkles with regular use, and feel so wonderfully soft on your skin you can't help but love them.

Oil stains may be more visible on the sheets and harder to remove.


Comfort: If you want the softest possible sleep, these are the sheets for you. They're made of a polyester microfiber that reviewers have compared the feel to "angel hair" or "heaven dust". They are great for hot weather use, as they will help to keep you cool even in high heat. They're super soft to the touch, have a silky feel on your skin, and are made for long years of use.

Each set comes with a fitted sheet, a deep-pocketed flat sheet (sized for mattresses up to 16 inches thick), and two pillowcases. The fabric is 100% polyester, and it's fully hypoallergenic. These sheets won't stick to your skin, but will provide you cool comfort all night long.

Quality: The 1800-thread count is high quality, with an excellent durability. The sheets won't bleed or fade in the wash, and they are highly wrinkle-resistant. They're thin enough to be summer sheets, and you'll love how breathable they are—great for heavy sweaters. They don't shrink in the wash, though sadly oil stains will be slightly more visible and harder to remove (thanks to the fact they're polyester).

Price: $25 for a pair of ultra-soft sheets? Yes, please! At this price point, you can own a dozen pairs—plus enjoy the lifetime guarantee offered by the manufacturer.


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